Conscious Intravenous Sedation

Conscious Sedation allows provision of dental treatment to patients with acute anxiety who avoid dental care or patients in need of complex dental treatments or medical conditions that need control of stress and anxiety during dental treatment.

During Conscious Sedation, you are not “asleep” but rather in a much safer and more comfortable “semi-awake” state of reduced anxiety.

You may most likely have little or no memory of the dental procedure that were performed because of the amnesic affect of the medications used to provide the conscious sedation.

During IV sedation, you are able to respond to verbal commands, or to a light physical touch.

All your protective reflexes like cough reflex are intact in Conscious Sedation.

You will be monitored for pulse rate, oxygen in your blood, breathing rate etc. during the sedation procedure.

You will need no additional medical assistance to maintain adequate breathing and or heart function.

In a high street dental practice setting in England, intravenous conscious sedation is the highest level of treatment that can be provided for management of patients nervous or anxious of dental treatment.

Conscious sedation is different from General Anasthesia which is only available in a hospital settings in England as it has a very small risk of serious complication.

Mahesh has special interest in treating nervous patients and one of his greatest joy as a dentist is seeing the transformation of a nervous patient to a patient who looks forward to their dental visits and is ready to embrace any treatment without fear.

Mahesh has treated a large number of nervous patients even those who have initially refused to enter the surgery and sit in the dental chair.

First and foremost, is listening to the patient about their dental needs and exact reason for nervousness.

Secondly, communicate back to the patient to reconfirm their treatment needs and reason/ trigger for anxiety

Thirdly, to communicate with the patient all possible steps that can be taken to manage anxiety and dental treatment and agree a way forward.

Finally, to reinforce the anxiety control at each and every future appointment working as a team with the dental nurse, receptionist and treatment co-ordinator.

Please contact the practice to arrange a consultation with Mahesh who will be only too pleased to talk you through the process.